This Ring opens into the same Olentangy Indian Caverns as all the others.

The Cavern smells of cigarette smoke, something sweet and baked and just a hint of bourbon. It smells of Leather, colonge and men, with a strong undertone of gun oil.

The Gun Oil is on two bolt action, heavy caliber military rifles, a shotgun and two pistols, held by a surprised foursome of Soldiers. Their Uniforms look like tough marching band uniforms. Their shoulder patches are ornate and have an odd, tribal pattern to them. They Identify the Soldiers as Army of Ohio, with Shawnee markings.

There is good light from lamps, and a ladder that makes coming and going to the chamber much easier.

At the Entrance to the Chamber there is a group of people dressed in civilian field gear type clothing poking at the hologram that ccovers the entrance. If asked, they inform that they are a group of scientists from Detroit University, and ask questions of their own.

there are More Shawnee Army guys towards the front of the cave, and a construction unit upgrading the old house that acts as the office for the Olenntagy Indian Caverns.

The men seem to be multiracial. One is black. Two show indian heritage. The Sergeant is a large blond man.

The Orders of the Army guys is to take into custody anyone who appears in the cave, secure theem and transport them about 7 miless away to Fort Isabelle.

The Main Army base at Fort Isabelle is south of the town. The Town, called Columbus in Hatsumi is called "Franklinton" here.

Fort Isabelle is an Army Base aaround an old fort. they have Trucks, jeeps and tanks. there is an Airfield with a handfull of box-kite like biplanes. All are marked "Army of Ohio" and show the Shawnee markings.

If the PCs are captured, they will be disarmed and transported to Ft Isebelle. There, they will be striped, clothed in prison clothing (Good, old fashioned black horizontal stripes) and shown to prison cells.

As such things go they are not bad. The cells are tight, warm and have a chair, a desk bed and toilet.

They will be interrogated, basically by the Army. After a couple of sessions they are joined by Inspector Andre DeSaulle. DeSaulle will make friends with the party and try to form a relationship. He is a professional interrogator, and good at it.

King Tecumseh wants to know what is up with the cave and the weird people.

The PCs may meet Jenny and Boone, a pair of Fringworthy from Thea. They are geeking for DeSaulle and "stringing him along for favors."