0P3 - Mohejeno-Daro Warp

This Ring Leads to a warp on a dry river bed just east of the Moenjo-daro mound in Pakistan.

0P3 Mohenjo-Daro Warp Map

The Location of the Warp

First transit

Apprximately 1st Week October 2014

Okay, so Haney steps through. he finds himself in a warm place, in a dry river wash. As he comes through, he can see a military truck and a tour bus driving along a bridge across the dry river wash.

The truck is marked in some midddle eastern language - so is the tour bus, but above the middle eastern looking text in a phrase in English. "Mohenjo-daro Tours"

This gate from the planet side is a warp - The ring station is buried in the ruins of the city - excavations are currently halted there to preserve the site.

Haney steps nack through the portal and reports his findings to Idemann and Gen Washburn.

This sparks a move towards the computer to hit wikipedia. and look up Mohenjo-daro.

It is, for the record one of the largest cities of it's day, remnnants of a surprisingly advanced culture, the Indus Valley Culture. The city was at it's height from 2,300 bce to 1,900 bce. it is speculated that the city was abandoned when the river iit was on the banks of dried up.

BTW Haney was in a tributary wash - the main dry river wash is the size of a free way. He was not noticed by any Pakistani folks during his foray.

Washburn decides to leave this gate alone - he has no pressing need to be in Pakistan and does not want the Pakistanis to realize they have a warp in their territory.