C-32 Ice Age Nature preserve

This world is Earth as of 20,000 years ago, except Hominids never evolved here.  The whole Great Ape family is different here, none approaching a human level of mentation. 

There are metal trees and the remains of Terhmelern Tree Houses

This world was attacked by "cylons" before the systemn was locked down.  Their ruins lie about the ruined temples where they set up ambushes and waited for prey until the environment ruined them.

If you were determined and obsessive enough,  you could rebuild a blaster or two. They were fierce weapons.  But they'll be shut down by the portals just like anything else.

Oblivion Cylon

Earth Portals

12:00 Path to Alt

01:00 Mammoth Caves 

02:00 (Locked) Sima Pumacocha, Peru

03:00 Blank

04:00 (Locked) Caves of Hercules, Morocco

05:00 (Locked) Lascaux caves, FR

06:00 Antarctica

07:00 (Locked) Krubera Cave, Georgia

08:00 Mohenjo-daro (ruins of Termelern "temple")

09:00 Blank

10:00 Yonagumi Monument (ruins of Termelern "temple")

11:00 Ayers Rock, Aus (ruins of Termelern "temple")


12:00 - Path to System 

01:00 - (Locked)

02:00 - (Locked)

03:00 - Path to -1 Alt (Locked with highest possible security.)

04:00 - (Locked)

05:00 - (Locked)

06:00 - Path to Prime

07:00 - (Locked)

08:00 - (Locked)

09:00 - Path to +1 Alt 

10:00 - (Locked)

11:00 - Uninahbited modern day Earth, Cave of Herculese, Extra Moon, Rogue Planet, earth quakes.

11:00 - This world looks like Earth, but humans never evolved here.  It is now (2013).  When Fringeworthy look into the sky, they'll see the moon.  Not unusual to see the moon in day time...  but this is different. Keen eyed people will note that this moon shows horizontal bands. 

As night falls, the newcomer reveals it's true stripes.  It's a gas giant.  The real moon will come up, looking much the same... for now.

From this earth the new world appears the same size as the moon.  Anyone versed in planetary sciences knows that this earth is doomed.  

The newcomer is a rogue planet that's swooping through the solar system, jangling the orbits of all planets.  Will this earth drift away from it's sun?  Will it drop closer to the sun?  As the rogue planet makes a it's closest approach and then swoops away,  it will ruin the delicate balance of the Earth-Moon-Sun system with dire results for Earth.

For now this earth is a pleasant, if quake prone place to get fresh water and gather such supplies as one can in the wilderness.   In a few years it will be out of service. 


12:00 Path to Stellar

01:00 (Locked) Luna

02:00 (Locked) Mars

03:00 Blank

04:00 (Locked) Pallas

05:00 (Locked) Ganymeade

06:00 Path to Alt

07:00 (Locked) Mimas (Warp into "Death Star" Crater)

08:00 (Locked) Miranda

09:00 Blank

10:00 (Locked) Triton

11:00 (Locked) Pluto


12:00 - Blank

01:00 - (Locked) Bor'Cha

02:00 - (Locked) Hansen's World (Arkol, Skay and Tugan)

03:00 - Blank

04:00 - Kymnar

05:00 - (Locked) Blox

06:00 - Path to System

07:00 - (Locked) Frendle

08:00 - (Locked)Grexian

09:00 - Blank 

10:00 - (Locked)Whurrr

11:00 - (Locked)Fritzians