A Ring from the Platform Side

The Fringepath System is a highway network embedded in hyperspace. It is Made of Nodes. The Nodes are mostly stacks of 4 Platforms. Some nodes will have fewer than 4 platforms. Some may have more.

The Layout of the Node

Platforms Anchor Rings. Rings are portals. they allow transit between platform and world, or Platforms and Fringe Roads. Fringe roads inter link platforms.

The Default Node has 4 Platforms

  • Prime Platform - This platform links to a specific world that the Ancient Builders found (or might find) interesting. These Platforms usually have 8 small Rings and 1 Large ring that lead to various locations on the Prime world.
  • Alternate Platform - these Platforms act lateral linsk as well as holding small rings to various worlds. The default is that these worlds are Alternate timelines of the Prime World, however, these rings can lead to any sort of world. What makes a world an Alt and not a Prime is mysterious. Presumeably the Fringepath System has a criteria, but it is not known.
  • System Platform - Theses Platforms hold rings that allow transit to various planets in the Prime World's Solar System. For instance, Earth's System Platform allows transit to Mercury, Venus, Luna, Mars and so on.
  • The Stellar Platform Holds Rings that link to other System Plaforms in Stellar Systems Nearby Earth's.

The Default configuration is altered to fit the Conditions of the Prime.

Fringe Logic:

The original builders of the Fringepath system created the first platforms, and fringe roads by hand, developing and testing the concept. Once they had a form they liked, they automated the process.

So the Fringepath System reached out across the multiverse, and planted nodes on Prime Worlds, grew them upwards and then linked out to alternate timelines of the primes.

The method and order of this finding and planting nodes is mysterious. Why you'll find an Earth that looks normal, next to a fantasy world next to world of spaceships and blasters... no one knows, really. The Fringepaths seem to be responding to their own internal logic about such things.

The Builders of the Fringepaths came by and altered the default set up some. Individual users pointed alts and primes towards worlds as suited them, further lending a "Randomized" feel to the worlds found through the Fringepaths.

The upshot is that the selection of worlds is effectively random, as far as anyone can tell.


An Alt Plaform