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I find this Link to be a hoot,

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I also enjoyed Jaredia

Jaredia's part of the planet bank . A wonderful source for Alts

Purpose of this Wiki

This is to organize Jay's Notes on his (2009 - onward) Fringe Worthy Game. This also allows quick updating of notes after sessions.

Rings to Scale

The Rings to Scale

The Game

The premise of 'Fringeworthy is very similar to the GURPS Alternate Worlds concept, H Beam Piper's Paratime, Sliders or Stargate.

However, beneath the basic premise, the execution is different and I find it exciting. The difference is this - In Fringeworthy, The rings lead to an Space in between Space, This space is not unlike the corridor with doorways to other worlds concept, or Narnia's "Wood between the Worlds". However, the positioning or worlds, rings and access remains consistent.

The Fringe Path System is functioning Artifact of a technologically advanced race. See the basics of the Fringepath System.

The PCs are from a world not too unlike ours. They must explore the Fringepaths and try to understand the back story.

Because the Force that drove the ancient builders away from their system is still out there, and still just as dangerous.

Here is a list of nodes of Jay's Fingeworthy Game

There are Forums for Fringeworthy here.

The Game System

I am using D20 Modern as the basis for this game. Although, because PCs can visit other worlds, including worlds where magic is a real force, elements from different flavors of D20 will be seen. Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars D20 RCR are the other main systems that will be seen.

Why D20 Modern?


Why not Game System X? GURPS 4th ed is designed around alternate world hopping. GURPS 4 and GURPS 3 have enough world books between them to sink a Battleship.

Why Not Hero System. It can simulate any genre adequately, and is probably the best system for describing PCs. (And you can use GURPS resources with it.)

True 20 is a point buy system which allows a GM to avoid unbalanced feats and munchkiny characters

Savage Worlds is fast, easy, and is so popular that it seems the whole Tritac fan-base, development team and people all over are uptaking it fast.

There is nothing wrong with any of those game systems.

I just like D20. That's all.



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