The Page Describes the 2012  MH&L game

The Current Game is the MH&L Game.

The Players are Tony, Al and Paul.

The Game setting is early 21st century Earth, centered in America, but ranging all over.

The PCs are former military personnel or other qualified types - they are hired by the Engineering Company McCreasy, Hannah and Leahy as special security operators. This can be read as Mercenaries.

MH&L is an international engineering company, designing large projects for countries all over the world.

The PCs under take missions for the benefit of their employer and advancing their goals - which can include combat or other difficult missions - or they may be assigned to do more routine tasks as required.

Some may suspect that MH&L has some connection to or relationship with some Intelligence Agency, but this has not been confirmed. The PCs are run by Mister Lansing, an executive at MH&L who gives them their assignments and provides information or support as required. The PCs are

First Adventure Summary:

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