This world is Earth of the Future.

Technology has reached a plateau.  Generally technology looks modern except for these technological innovations.

  • Contragravity - these motors invert the force of gravity with regards to themselves resulting in upward thrust.  Turned rapidly on and off, these contragravity units can achieve flight, neutral bouyancy or a slow descent.  Contragravity is used in cars, trucks, ships and starships.  

  • Hyperdrive -  Starships can fly at one light year per hour.  Distant worlds are measured in hours of flight time.

  • Collapsium - hyperdense metal.  A sheet the thickness of paper of paper is as resistant as 3 inches of steel, and weighs the same.  Used as armor and radiation shielding.  Collapsium makes radiothermic generators easily and commonly available.  This world uses fission reactions of extremely poisonous material for cheap plentiful energy.  

  • Carniculture - these people can grow animal parts in vats,  which they use to feed people in dense cities and starships.  

The date is 603 AE,  "Atomic Era".  The atomic era is measured from 1942, when Enrico Fermi put together the first "nuclear pile". the year as measured by the old calendar is 2545. Earth is at the center of a growing empire of planets.   The biggest and most advanced cities in the world are  Montevideo,  Sydney and Johanesberg.  In 1974, this Earth had a limited nuclear exchange, which damaged the ecology and collapsed the northern countries.   Now they are backwaters of the more advanced, southern countries.  The Capital of the Terran Federation is in Montevideo, Uruguay.  The lingua Franca used by the people of Earth is a developed form of Esperanto. 

Prime Platform:

12:00 Path to Alt

01:00 (Locked) Mammoth Caves

02:00 Sima Pumacocha, Peru

03:00 Blank

04:00 (Locked) Caves of Hercules, Morocco

05:00  (Locked) Lascaux caves, FR

06:00 Antarctica

07:00  (Locked) Krubera Cave, Georgia

08:00  (Locked) Mohenjo-daro

09:00 Blank

10:00  (Locked) Yonagumi Monument

11:00  (Locked) Ayers Rock, Aus

Alt Platform

System Plaform

Stellar Platform