Zeta Minor is a desert world.  It's drying out and dyng slowly. 

It's a very lightly populated world.  Few people go there on purpose. The poles are the more hospitable zones. closer to earth like. 

It's notable for two things.  Zeta Minor has deposits of rare minerals that reward mining.  There are a few heavy mining operations and numerous smaller outfits. 

Zeta Minor also holds a maximum security prison.  It's dug into the ground in an inhospitable desert. Unless an escapee has trained in desert survival, he is unlikely to survive crossing the desert.  There was one escape a few years ago, but since then security has been beefed up.

The Guards in the Prison are androids. Tireless, strict and inccoruptible,  they frequently drive prinsoners and prison operators crazy. 

The Gate is in a cave, hidden.  The cave exits about two miles away from a pit mine.  The mining operations are highly aurtomated. They use older machines.  The main work for humans in the mine is to maintain and repair the machines. The Machine dig ore and then process it on site to create ingots of various metals which are shipped to The Star Port on large trucks.  The triucks don't have wheels, so the road is a dirt road. The Star Port is  15 hours away by truck.  The trucks have basic passenger accomodations to take the crew back and forth to Poeirenta, The main town where the Starport is. 

Each town provides it's own security, usually a Sheriff.  The Mining companies hire private security as they need to.

When a real bad band of bandits gets going, the Prison Administration may lend guard droids to the effort to put them down. 

The money is iiridium/silver coins.  They can be exchanged for electronic Earth credits.  Local banks issue bank notes redeemable in I/S coins. 

Sometimes Mining companies just pay their workers in ingots of metal which the workers can sell in Poeirenta. More distant mines use flyers which operate like cargo planes. 

Ships stopping at Zeta Minor may or may not check passengers carefully when they buy passange.  The worst ships don't check much at all, but rob the passenger and then sell him into slavery, figuring escaped convicts deserve it. People who don't look like bandits or escapees are steered towards the cleaner, more professional looking ships.