In Jay-FW, the Xenon Culture was a human culture that had advanced to a high state of technological and philosophical advancement.

They were happy allies of the Terhmelern. Their advanced technology is ecountered all oveer the Fringepath system.

Their technological theme is crystals, energy and holograms. They created crystals that could store and manipulate energy to achieve desired effects.

Their technology also used telepathic interfaces. So to trigger a piece of Xenon crystal technology, one points it at the piece and thinks **Work** at it. Experienced Xenon Technology users can query crystal devices for charge level, settings and best operating conditions. They can control fine settings of the tools telepathically.

The Xenon were humans, however generations of genetic engineering left them all pretty, smart and athletic. Compared to normal Earth people, Xenon people have a blanket +2 adjustment to all Ability Scores. They gain the "Run" and "Rapid Healing" feats automatically. They live for about 400 years, normally. Hoever Xenon technology has anti-Agathic treatments.

Or rather "had". The Mellor attacked the Xenon and wreaked horrifying damage. By 9000 BCE, the Xenon Culture was struggling to survive.

By 7,500 BCE the last functioning Xenon Culture settlements were destroyed. The painfully few surviving Xenon deccended humans dispersed to Fringe worlds and hid among the cultures they found there. In time their descendants adopted the culture of their new homes.

Xenon technology encountered in the present day are artifacts and relics. No one known knows how to make Xenon crystal tools any more.

The Mellor hate the Xenon with relish and sadism. It's difficult to tell if the Mellor hate the Xenon more or less than anyone else.

The facts are these. The Xenon Culture survives only in ruins and recovered artifacts. No one identifies themselves as Xenon any more. Descendants of Xenon refugees have no idea of their background. Xenon Culture is dead and the Mellor are the main suspects in it's demise.